White-Winged Fever
Yeah that’s true, sounds like you got your hands tied :(

ahh well ill make sure something happens ! ;P

get a z-pack from a clinic, that should work. and drink lots of water and sleep! preferably not in your apartment lol. hope you took pictures as proof

yep i did but the problem is my dumb ass didnt check out the apt the day he moved in, so i mean, after 6 months who knows whose fault the dirt is ?!?? according to them, im sure.

all i want is them to look at the unit and vents and if there is a problem then to fix it. meh

go get u some vitamin c pills lol

yeah already took dayquil, ibuprofen, benadryl, throat spray, and cough drops on top of the 2 calcium tablets ive been taking per day.

the last time it felt like this i needed antibiotics, feh. i hate when stupid shit makes me so sick. what the FUCK is in the AC unit !?!?!? if they don’t find anything ill be so pissed.

aww im so sorry :C i hope you guys feel better and get that worked out.

oh thanks. im pretty sure it doesnt affect him, thankfully. i thought i was only super allergic to cigarette smoke, so im really not sure what the hell is in the unit to make me so sick ??? bleh.

i better not be sick this weekend

this AC unit bullshit better get resolved, even though we’re halfway through the lease, im not tryina get a house or anything, so what the fuck the apt better be in shape ???!?!?!!!!! what else do you pay for ???

so maybe i need to be writing more things down ???


Hannibal Lecter + overwhelming sass

love. esp when he talks to alana like the dumb, oblivious bitch she turned into in s.2. fuckin a

well. i was pretty much over my cold, just forcing myself to blow my nose and cough as to get rid of the last of the build up … and then we turned on the AC for maybe 10 minutes. 

now i feel like i used to feel when there were too many cigs being smoked at the club, like my body aches and i have strep throat.

we opened up the AC panel before the weekend and it was disgusting. dust and dirt everywhere, water damage and some green spot that i was able to scrub clean. i also opened up the vent panels from where the air comes out, nothing bad i could see.

anyway i thought cleaning out all that would help but apparently not. i feel like an idiot for not checking the AC and odd spots around his apartment when we first got it. now, 6 months later, why would the apt complex believe that all that dirt was already there ?? im still gonna go to the front desk and ask about it and see if they can check it out, but i am still very disappointed.

will probably miss work and have to be on antibiotics again, after turning the AC on for TEN MINUTES. and ive had it on all night in the past and woke up feeling awful as well. fucking ridiculous.

im just very, meh.

the more i learn about people succeeding when they are young the more i resent my parents


I wanna do dirty stuff with u like farming

we didnt go out last night, prolly for the best since i didnt feel good. today i am coughing more ;<

but its friday, so.

my love had to go straight from one job to the other, so a solid 12 hour day for him, luckily he is almost completely recovered. 

im so proud of him. i know plenty of guys that would cry if they had to work two jobs, let alone every single day for months on end, and when they are sick. pff. weak. 

i hold myself to higher standards than that, so if some guy can’t do it, why would i ever be interested in them ?? hah. 


maybe i should send you a bill for all my time you wasted 

felt like shit last night. felt a little better this morning but now im cramping ! 

might go out for a bit after work with my co workers and get one of the guys who is leaving a few beers, but methinks ill be too sick to have more than 1, which is OK cause i have drinks at home that my baby and i can have, health permitting ?!



waking up with your period