White-Winged Fever


everything going on in the world is too much and im really sick and tired of mostly everything

good night

WOW so i already have a minimal amount of friends / contact with most of anyone as it is, so when i get ‘overwhelmed’ its like i literally interact with no one. whoops ! pff. shit.

The best

The best

Watching documentaries / autobiographies / non fiction movies helps me understand myself better because when our (the authors and I) minds and situations relate and I see someone finally describing something that I was/am going through that i didnt know how to describe. And that helps me understand, some.

it would be awful to be talented but uninspired. making art that had technical precision but lacked any depth. ugh. maybe thats why i never finish work, i dont want to TRY and make it something and it end up being bullshit. i wish id just MAKE things



*grabs my own ass* nice

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the face you make when they don’t GET YOU

How have you been this past year khaleesi?

what i didn’t realize i had dragons where are my dragons ?!?!

(im good thanks)

Wishing you were super fit, why? You look so amazing just the way you are... you've got some beautiful eyes too

thanks. i agree i do look pretty great. but thats from coasting and not putting out any effort to really being healthy. so i want to be able to do more physical things and be more toned and such. ! like actually working out, getting FIT !

thank you, they are pretty nice. 

In other news I’m super wishing I had tons of money and was super fit.

Thankfully these things are mostly possible to attain ??

But then I’m hungry and don’t want to work. Wow.

Lightning struck not even a few hundred feet from us as we worked right outside the open doors. I turned away and covered my ears with a fraction of a delay and so they kind of hurt. Was cool though.
Ugh wish it was still raining. All night so I could just sleep in while it stormed !